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        Join us to realize value

        We are a manufacturer of special agricultural products processing equipment, providing one-stop solutions for special agricultural products. Every day we work hard to develop intelligent solutions. Join this platform to realize the value of life.

        Company talent view

        Gather front-line talents and build a scientific research heavy enterprise

        Provide competitive salary and welfare, and strive to create a broad development space

        Strive to create a standardized, institutionalized and humanized management atmosphere

        fringe benefits

        Labor contract and five insurances: once employed, all personnel can sign labor contract with the company and pay endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work injury insurance and maternity insurance

        Work and rest time: implement the two-day system. In case of overtime in special circumstances, overtime pay shall be paid in accordance with the law

        Training growth: the company will provide timely and relevant induction training, product and technical training, management and leadership courses, and design reasonable and targeted training programs in combination with the specific job positions of employees

        Paid leave: every employee can enjoy annual leave

        Logistics support: free working meal, free accommodation and free shuttle bus for employees living in urban areas

        Staff activities: organize the staff to have a year-end dinner once a year

        Yangzhou Fuxi fruit and vegetable juice Machinery Co., Ltd. is currently in a rapid growth period. We hope you can learn more about us through the company's website. Our business continues to grow and has a bright future. We sincerely invite talents to join us and grow together with Foxi.

        Recruitment position Number of recruiters End date Wage treatment operation
        • 外貿銷售人員 2 2019-10-04 3-4.5千 Details