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        Fulxi new jujube classifier equipment appeared at 2014 Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Expo

        Author : admin | Release time : 2015-09-23 | Views : 950

        Yangzhou Fuxi fruit and vegetable juice Machinery Co., Ltd. is an industry recognized leading enterprise specializing in complete turnkey projects of fruit and vegetable commercialization processing and deep processing equipment R &amp; D, manufacturing, installation, etc. in 2008, the company passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and successively obtained national high-tech enterprises, innovative enterprises in Jiangsu Province, agricultural science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, and hundreds of science and technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province Growth oriented enterprises, Jiangsu Province private science and technology enterprises and other honors.

        The "2014 Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Expo" sponsored by the people's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is scheduled to be held in Xinjiang Agricultural Expo Center (Changji national high tech Industrial Development Zone) on July 25, 2014. Foxi has mastered the core technology of jujube processing equipment classification and drying. Foxi booth: 1 × 86

        The 2014 Xinjiang Agricultural Machinery Expo focuses on the modern agricultural machinery system suitable for the economic and regional conditions of Xinjiang, aims to improve the level of agricultural equipment in Xinjiang, promote the development of modern agricultural mechanization with "high yield, high quality, high efficiency, ecology and safety"; aims to show the purchase subsidies and scientific and technological innovation achievements of agricultural machinery; better increase the efficiency of agriculture and the income of farmers and herdsmen Provide agricultural machinery services. In order to promote the production, circulation, use, promotion, appraisal, scientific research and management of agricultural machinery at home and abroad, and better improve the development of agricultural machinery industry

        Yangzhou Fuxi fruit and vegetable juice Machinery Co., Ltd. has put its mature products on the market, such as grading and sorting, intelligent detection, transportation, cleaning, juicing, beating, peeling and core removal, crushing, cooking, filtering and separation, CIP cleaning, sterilization, concentrated evaporation, drying and cooling, tank group pipeline, automatic control system and other mechanical products with superior performance. There are more than 50 single products with more than 1600 series Specifications, series of more than 20 varieties of fruit and vegetable production line, meet the market demand of commercialization, deep processing and complete turnkey project of fruits, vegetables and eggs.