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        China Animal Husbandry Expo -- supplier of egg processing machinery of fuosi

        Author : admin | Release time : 2015-09-23 | Views : 1052

        Based on the core technical capabilities and industry experience in the field of fruit and vegetable sorting, Foxi company demonstrated the first "fzd300 egg cleaning and grading packaging line" and "36 intelligent egg beater" independently developed by China at the 12th (2014) China Animal Husbandry Expo "held in Qingdao International Expo Center on May 18, 2014, Started the strategic deployment of "egg processing solution" of Foxi company. From the beginning of 2013 to now, Foxi has provided more than 20 domestic customers with production lines of cleaning, egg cleaning, air drying, light separation, weighing, sorting, packaging and other processes. With the promotion of this strategic goal, Foxi is moving towards the direction of large-scale egg sorting, large production capacity, intensive processing, complete set of projects and so on, so as to improve more and better products for more customers in the industry Service.

        On the basis of stable overall scale, this exhibition will refine exhibition services, make fine "livestock Expo" with the help of exhibition theoretical model and information technology and other high-tech means, improve the trade matching rate of exhibitors and visitors, and strive to build "China Animal Husbandry Expo wealth community". At the same time, China Animal Husbandry Expo will focus on improving the level of internationalization, upgrade to "China International Animal Husbandry Expo" from 2014, and hold a series of activities of "one hundred forums for three exhibitions on the 10th day of a week" with "Animal Husbandry Expo" as the main body. It is estimated that the exhibition area of the Expo will reach 100000 square meters, there will be 4500 booths, with a special rate of 85%, 1500 exhibitors and 120000 professional visitors, The internationalization rate is 12%.

        The 12th (2014) China animal husbandry exposition time: May 18-20 Venue: Qingdao International Exhibition Center

        Foley's booth: wc09, wc10, poultry breeding exhibition area, W1 Pavilion