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        Brush type washer
        Cleaning the dirt and pesticide residue on the fruit surface.

        Brush Type Washer

        Application range:

        Cleaning the dirt and pesticide residue on the fruit surface.


        • The rack is constructed with the integral welding structure with high rigidity and fine appearance;

        • All stainless steel structure, conforming to the food hygienic standards;

        • The simple structure for the convenient maintenance;

        • No dirt and pesticide residue on the processed fruit surface;

        • Smooth running, low noise and low failure rate;

        • Capable of being installed on the production line, Automatic production and low labor intensity.

        Working Principle:

        The hair brushing fruit washing machine is lifted or transported by the previous process. The brush roller rotates quickly to rub the fruit to remove the pesticides and dust adsorbed on the surface of the fruit. At the same time, the fruit is pushed forward. The built-in cleaning spray makes the fruit clean. Cleaner.

        Technical parameters:

        QMSZ06xL800As  Per ProcessAs  Per Process100~1301.51.52.280~1004~7
        QMSZ100xL1000As  Per ProcessAs  Per Process100~1301.52.2380~1007~12
        QMSZ110xL1100As  Per ProcessAs  Per Process100~1302.22.2380~10012~18
        QMSZ120xL1200As  Per ProcessAs  Per Process100~1302.23480~10015~25
        QMSZ140xL1440As  Per ProcessAs  Per Process100~1302.24580~10025~30
        QMSZ150xL1540As  Per ProcessAs  Per Process100~130345.580~10035~40