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        PEACH/APRICOT machining

        PEACH/APRICOT cases

        CookingStainless steel scraper fruit core washing

        Raw material acceptance and temporary storageHeating of fruit pulp
        Fruit pool (provided by customers)Simple heating of fruit pulp
        Chain turning basket feedingTubular heating of fruit pulp
        Raw material pretreatmentCasing heating
        Scraper liftbeating
        Bubble cleaningSingle beating
        Brush cleaningDouble beating
        Roller fruit and vegetable transportation (belt selection)Tank group
        Fruit picking with net beltLow order
        Spiral conveyingTemporary storage of fruit juice
        Juice adjustment
        Scraper precookeEvaporation concentration
        Denuclearization and denuclearizationForced circulation evaporation
        Rust steel blade fruit enucleationSterilization and filling
        Tube sterilization
        FractureCasing sterilization
        Hammer crushing of stainless steelSingle head big barrel aseptic filling
        Broken fruits and vegetables with stainless steel serrated blade Double head big barrel aseptic filling

        CIP cleaning

        Simple CIP cleaning

        Three tank automatic CIP cleaning

        Four tank automatic CIP cleaning

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